Refund and Returns Policy

Unfortunately we do not currently offer a refund policy on our products. We’re not a big box store nor the direct manufacturer, so at the prices and service we offer, we cannot absorb the costs of a return if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. 

We guarantee that all products we carry and ship to you are original from manufacturer and to our understanding, without defect. We guarantee the manufacturers intended quality of the product, but we cannot guarantee it will meet your personal tastes and standards. Due to this, we recommend that you stick to brands you know or you have been personally informed of the quality.

We do assume Risk of Loss on products shipped until it has reached the shipments destination. In case something happens mid shipment, we do send out a replacement package of the same products or similarly priced agreed upon products with you.


We do not currently offer refunds and instead offer product exchanges where we swap your defective product for a brand new one. We unfortunately do not get credit ourselves for returns but instead audit the returns to make sure they are genuine. We want to ensure we only do business with honest people like yourself.

Managing returns

To return your product, contact us when you discover it's defective and let us know why it’s defective. We’ll get a shipment label to you for sending it back to us, and once received and audited, a new one back to you.

In Conclusion

We want to take care of you to make sure our relationship goes a long long way,however as long as you need these products. We understand that the companies we sell the products of manufacture a vast amount of products and defects happen. They don’t take care of it in most circumstances, but we will.